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Ep. 188 | Budgeting Mistakes (with Ramit Sethi)

Tampering with the money allotted for electricity could give you a momentary joy or satisfaction on having purchased something else. But if you do not return to the budget the amount you have taken, then there will be some dark moments in your life as well. Your power will be cut off, until you pay. You have to make us of candles, instead of buying high-powered batteries for lamps, to have light in your house, but you must be careful not to burn your house down. For example, you apply for another credit card and use cash advances from it to pay an existing card. You have more credit cards than a successful gambler has poker chips. You are at or perilously near the limit on each of your credit cards. You consistently charge more each month than you make in payments. There are many benefits of business budgeting. Developing a budget for your business on an annual basis allows you to review the business' overall operations. Budgeting also permits you to identify those factors that are key to the success of the organization. These factors can be closely monitored throughout the year and adjustments can be made for critical elements. Forecasts are significant because they predicting things like the next wave of technological change, the weather, and natural disaster, all of which can have important economic and budget implications. Thus, budgeting and forecasting always go hand in hand. Since the lifeblood of any business is its ability to collect cash and pay bills including the pay checks of its employees, it is important to prepare a forecast of its cash requirements whether for a new or ongoing business. Budgeting for Your Wedding You don't have to marry the Prince of Wales just to have that wedding you're dreaming of; although actually marrying the Prince of Wales is always part of every woman's wedding dream. The key is to (1) find the persons who could offer the services you are looking for in the least amount there is in the market and (2) learn to apportion your money properly, or in other words, learn to budget. With your advice, you can teach them but the decision on budgeting money is theirs. If their decision on spending their money is wrong, they will learn from it. Teach them about the difference of wants and needs. This is very important in budgeting money. For parents: It is important to teach your children on budgeting money. 

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