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Budgeting Basics!

In today's expensive living, budgeting should be practiced to give you power to rapidly gain control over your complicated spending. Your budget will help you in the development of your personal budgeting process, regardless of how much money you earn. Truth be told, it is not how much money you earn that you should concentrate on when making a budget. Buying a Gucci dress for a hot date isn't an emergency situation. Paying for school tuition fee or electric bills is a right example of emergency situation. Only fools keep more than one credit card. If you want to go down the pool of debt then own ten. Keeping ourselves away from temptation is the first step to effective finance budgeting and financial control. The challenge lies on the second. Wedding budgeting is tricky. Wedding budgeting is not all about finding the cheapest supplies. It starts with dividing your money in percentages and putting them in their right places. The Great Three 1. Food and Venue 2. Dress 3. Photography FOOD A large percentage of the wedding budget goes in The Great Three. Advertising is so powerful these days that you may think of luxuriuos items as "needs" when in fact you dont actually need them. These deceiving commercials on TV greatly influence your purchasing and personal finance budgeting behavior. It is your job to make a wise decision whether each new product is something that you really need and cannot live without. If the expenditures you make are larger than your income, you are going to have a look at cutting back on your spending. This means that your home budgeting should be made to work and its results should be seen in the following month. The easiest place to begin cutting corners are on the discretionary expenses. Instead of living a sedentary lifestyle, you work for your stomach and try not to spend much on leisure. It makes you love yourself more. You learn to prioritize yourself and your needs. If personal budgeting is handled the right way, then you may not become a selfish person. But if it is handled the wrong way, then there is a big possibility that you would think only of yourself and no one more. 

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