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15 Practical Budgeting Tips

The Australian National Audit Office has identified the advantages of activity based budgeting: The Advantages - Output costs are supported by a schedule of costed activities - Opportunities to examine work processes - Identifies non value-adding activities that can be eliminated - Basis of a performance measurement system and direct link between strategic goals and operational realities - Enables cost profiles to be managed - Accurate costing data for operational management - Costs are transparent, understandable and actionable Disadvantages - Activity definition may become too detailed and the model may become too complex and difficult to maintain - Underestimation of the task of collecting activity driver data - Implementation may be considered a financial management fad and there is insufficient commitment from operational managers Activity Based Budgeting Disadvantages - Usually requires buying Activity Based Budgeting software - Requires training of all managers including budgeting department - Requires people to really understand what drives their budget - Eliminates excuse that activity volume changed because it makes visible volume changes - Requires everyone to collect or estimate activity volume By understanding how resources are transformed into products or services, and byfocusing on the cost of activities, activity based budgeting helps an organisation to obtain a greaterunderstanding of how costs behave in their organization and which activities create significant amounts of cost. The process and mechanics of business budgeting vary by organization. Generally, budgeting consists of the following three phases. Each stage can provide valuable insights into your business. 1. Research In this phase, you evaluate your revenue position, understand your business' cost structure and research on your competitors' businesses. After the sumptuous meals had been munched down, after the drinks had been gulped down, and after the dress had been worn and laundered, the only thing that will make the couple and the guests happy after all the partying have died down are the photos. For years to come, photos will be looked upon, with brimming happiness, by the then bride and groom, again and again, and also by their children and grandchildren. Household Budgeting You Can Live With A household budget is nothing more than a simple plan that sets spending and saving goals over a period of time. This will allow monitoring or evaluating on how you are doing in following your household budget. A good household budget is not something that restraints you from spending altogether but it allows you to spend your money wisely. You could also acquire other sicknesses without water since dirt will stay longer on your body. You must wash off immediately to avoid getting germ infections, but you also have to make sure that you use the water efficiently. The water you use for taking a bath can still be used for flushing the toilet or for cleaning the floor. With these tips of family budgeting in mind and in motion, you will be able to finally reward yourself. You can allow yourself a reward that fits the budget, whether it's a trip to Hawaii, a day at the spa, or a nice dinner with your partner. After all that hard work, you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labors. 

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