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STEP BY STEP: How to get one month ahead!! #how #cashstuffing #budget #financialfreedom

The key is to have patience in the process of the creation and maintenance of your personal finance budgeting list. It takes time to verify information on expenditures and income so that nothing is missed. Also the accuracy of information is one of the most important factors in making a personal finance budget that really works. Today, there are so-called budgeting tools that can help in creating and sticking to a budget in careful consideration of how much you earn. What is a budgeting tool? A budgeting tool is an on-line tool or software that is used to enter expenditures and serves as a guide to follow your budget. Such a tool is a system that will make the budgeting processes easier and more accurate and can be used to assess operating performance during the year more accurately. Budgeting software is an automated solution nowadays that will help you keep a systemized maintenance of your budget. By using budgeting software, you can track your income and outcome. Credit cards make it easy to spend on impulse but by using a good program, you can reduce your expenditures because you can analyze your financial situation with ease. Modification is constant for spending is not only limited to your regular expenditures. Irregular expenses include travel, gifts and charity, among others. You can add them to your list whenever the need arises. As soon as you make your budget, be sure to make your budget a dynamic document for success. If you think you're responsible enough to use it in emergency situation, then leave one for those times. Buying a Gucci dress for a hot date isn't an emergency situation. Paying for school tuition fee or electric bills is a right example of emergency situation. Only fools keep more than one credit card. Generally, budgeting consists of the following three phases. Each stage can provide valuable insights into your business. 1. Research In this phase, you evaluate your revenue position, understand your business' cost structure and research on your competitors' businesses. 2. Analysis There is a need for you to analyze possible revenue and expenses for the next year, and at the same time, decide on one set of revenue and expenses to represent your expectations. 

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