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Your fixed expenses such as rent, car insurance, mortgage and utility bills can be lessened a little, but for the most part it will stay the same. However, do not forget that a little of everything goes a long way, so try to lessen on these expenses as much as you can. Small savings will add up. If you can bring lunch from home, your savings will be about $5.00 a week. You have more credit cards than a successful gambler has poker chips. You are at or perilously near the limit on each of your credit cards. You consistently charge more each month than you make in payments. You are working overtime to keep up with your credit card payments. You don't know how much you owe and really don't want to find out. The advantages of zero base budgeting - efficient allocation of resources as it is based on needs and benefits - managers find out cost effective ways to improve operations - detects inflated budgets - useful for service of department where the output is difficult to identify - increases communication and coordination within the company With zero based budgeting, every department function is reviewed thoroughly. The executing stage During this stage of the budgeting process, you will use budget information for commmunication, benchmarking and problem recognition. The reviewing stage. In the reviewing stage, you will calculate variances, evaluate performance, review timelines and create solutions for continuous development. We all want to spend our retirement traveling around the world, relaxing on a cruise, or simply go fishing on a lake which is just a few meters away from our own comfy cottage. We all have a dream retirement in our heads. Whatever that is, we can achieve this through budgeting and planning. What to budget on and to plan on: 1. The same thing happens when you do not allot the right payment for water. You will not have water to drink, to cook and to take a bath with. Without water, there is a high risk of dehydration. Therefore, you have to keep watch that you drink only when you have to and not otherwise. This budgeting tip could prevent you from consuming the water you have left and it also dampens your risk of getting dehydrated. 

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